Splish n' Splash LLC Pet Grooming School Programs

If you are looking to advance your career in the pet grooming industry this program will be the building block for a successful and rewarding career. We will give all you need to start your own business or be a valued employee in the pet industry. On like most other schools we work with you one on one. Your experience will be hands on from day one. You will be seeing multiple breeds and working along side with us with pets and customers. Classes are Monday through Friday and are flexible to fit your schedule.

Advanced Grooming Program: Tuition $3,700 + $800 kit* (aprox 4-6 week course depending on the students individual abilities and hours in class per day)

Dog Pet Grooming Procedures, Use & Care of Equipment, Breed Recognition, Understanding Terminology, Skin Conditions, Bathing, Drying, Pet Grooming Preparation, Learning styles and patterns, working with snap on combs, Clipper Vacuum Systems, Finishing Touches, Sanitation & Sterilization, Seeking Employment,

Mobile Pet Grooming Program: Tuition $4,700 + $800 kit* (aprox 7-8 week course depending on the students individual abilities and hours in class per day)

The material covered will be the same as the Advanced Grooming Program in addition: in's and outs of mobile grooming, scheduling, vehicle choices, pros' and cons to generators, generator maintenance, vehicle maintenance, routing/scheduling, insurances, liabilities, vehicle manufactures, equipment choices, customer relations, area concentration, etc...

Individual must be of 18 years of age and must contacts us for an interview. Once accepted a $125 non-refundable registration fee is required. A Tetanus Shot will be required. Before the start of class your kit and 20% down is required. On the first day of class the balance is due. If for some reason the student decides not to continue class after the second day we will refund the student 80% of tuition.

A Diploma will be awarded upon graduation based on the students ability to pass with a C average.